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TeamWeaver Integrated Search provides an integrated crawling and search mechanism across multiple software-engineering related data such as repositories (SVN, CVS, SourceSafe, Filesystems) filetypes (Code, Office-Documents, PDF) and various systems (e.g. JIRA, Bugzilla, OTRS, Confluence, MediaWiki, XPlanner) (See also the complete list of supported data sources).

TeamWeaver Integrated Search can be accessed via a web-frontend, embedded into a MediaWiki instance, from within Eclipse, from a dedicated Mac application or from any other tools using our backend API.


Online Demo

An online demo can be accessed at

The demo allows you to search within TeamWeaver project data (i.e. this Wiki, JIRA and SVN). An online demo of an alternative Wiki-Interace to the same index data is available on the Woogle page.


You may want to subscribe the announcement mailinglist to learn about future versions.

Note that TeamWeaver tools are Open Source software developed in a research environment. We are thus constantly seeking interested organizations (esp. in the Software Engineering domain) who would like to collaborate with us evaluating TeamWeaver and related tools and methods in their environment.


Source code

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