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This page describes the team behind TeamWeaver

Founders & Architects

Hans-Jörg Happel is a researcher at the FZI Research Center for Information Technologies at the University of Karlsruhe (TH). He is involved in several projects dealing with knowledge management in engineering domains, esp. software engineering. Hans-Jörg has an interdisciplinary background in Information Systems, Software Engineering and Organizational Theory. His research interests are in the intersection of software engineering, knowledge management, information retrieval, social software and semantic technologies. Hans-Jörg served as a reviewer, organizer and moderator for several scientific and industry related events in these areas.

Walid Maalej is a senior researcher at TUM. His interests include social software engineering, agile development, context-aware engineering infrastructures and ontology-based knowledge management. In the EU-funded project TEAM, he was leading the knowledge contextualization and personalization team. Walid successfully co-organized several scientific and industrial workshops and conferences on software engineering, knowledge management, integration and traceability and agile methods.

Tim Romberg was among the initiators of the WAVES research project at FZI, part of the German Science Ministry's "Software Engineering 2006" initiative. He is currently an independent consultant on Enterprise 2.0 solutions and living in Brussels. Ask Tim if you are interested in Wiquila, a Rich Wiki Client, or about integrating structured Enterprise Data with Wikis or the "emergent" structures of the Social Web.


  • Patrick Blitz is working on the context and intention systems as well as on WinIntent. Patrick holds a degree of computer science from the TUM and is currently finishing his master at TUM and CMU.
  • Paul Hübner is working on TeamWeaver since 2007. He is the major developer of the Integrated Search backend and our Maven and OSGi expert. He holds a degree in computer science from the Karlsruhe University of Appliend Science.
  • Rammohan Narendula developed the distributed metadata store of TeamWeaver. Rammohan works as a researcher in EPFL and currently doing his Ph.D. on highly available, secure large-scale distributed, P2P information systems.
  • Damir Ismailović contributed to the development of the context system and to setting a build infrastructure for TeamWeaver. Damir currently works at TUM.
  • Amel Mahmuzic is one of the main developers of the core TeamWeaver components since 2008. In particular he worked on the TeamWeaver context system, WinIntent, and Eureka. Amel has a significant contribution to the TeamWeaver build infrastructure with Maven
  • Dennis Pagano contributed to refining the overall architecture and to the development of several components including the context system, the user interface, and the svn miner. Dennis currently works at TUM.
  • Dimitris Panagiotou is the main developer of the Eclipse knowledge desktop component. He currently works for the Information Management Unit at the Technical University of Athens
  • Ben Romberg was working on the TeamWeaver project from 2007-2009. He is the major developer of the Integrated Search frontend, and a major developer of the Integrated Search backend and Woogle4MediaWiki.
  • Christian Röhr is supporting the Woogle4MediaWiki development since 2009 and especially concerned with performance testing, quality issues, documentation and all those little things that make a project run smootly. He recently graduated in physics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.
  • Alexander Sahm is mainly working on the integration of TeamWeaver into the Mac OS X. He also contributed to the context system and the metadata store.
  • Sören Schlegel is working on Woogle4MediaWiki since 2009 with a focus on Ajax-based user interaction using jQuery. Sören working towards his computer science degree at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Science.
  • Niko Tsanakas contributed to the context elicitation and processing components.
  • Jinhui Zhu worked on the implementation of several sensors for the early versions of the context systems. Jinhui currently works for IBM in China.
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