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Welcome to the TeamWeaver Web!

In their daily work, software engineers need efficient support for accessing project information and sharing personal experiences. TeamWeaver is an Open Source framework, which embeds lightweight and efficient knowledge access and sharing into the working context of a developer – accessible via the Web, Wikis and the Eclipse IDE.

Core features of TeamWeaver are Information access (search and assistance), need-driven knowledge sharing, automatic creating of context knowledge by user observation, lightweight "wiki-style" authoring and metadata storage with semantic technologies.

News and Events


  • We are currently offering three pre-bundled packages of software to try out:
    • TeamWeaver Integrated Search - providing a server based search backend with a web-based frontend (Tomcat required for installation)
    • TeamWeaver Wiquila - Prototype of our Swing-based Wiki Rich Client
    • TeamWeaver Eureka Plugin for Eclipse (via Eclipse Update)


You may want to subscribe to one of our TeamWeaver Mailinglists.

Source code


TeamWeaver development is funded by the European Commission within the project "TEAM" (IST 35111), the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research within the project "Waves" and the Landesstiftung Baden-Württemberg Foundation within the project "GlobaliSE".

Partners contributing to TeamWeaver involve FZI Karlsruhe, Technische Universität München, ICCS Greece and EPFL Lausanne.

We kindly thank Polarion Software for offering us support and hosting.


If you are interested to use or contribute to TeamWeaver please send us an email at File:Email.png

This page is hosted by FZI Research Center for Information Technologies, Karlsruhe, Germany. Contact for inquiries: Hans-Joerg Happel (

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